Quick Guide on How to Use the iConnect Mini
Date: Jan 2016
Length: 5:16
Location: Alhambra, CA
Description: Here's an easy quick guide on how to use the basic functions of the iConnect Mini, by PQI USA, to back-up photos and videos, play music and videos, lock and unlock content, and more. If you recently purchased an iConnect Mini for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, or thinking about doing so, this video will show you how easy it is to perform many of the basic features.
iConnect Mini from PQI USA - Fashion Shoot
Date: Jan 2016
Length: 2:04
Location: Alhambra, CA
Description: The iConnect Mini is the perfect accessory for any mobile Apple device, especially an iPhone or iPad. Follow the photographer as he enlightens his colleagues about the ability to instantly back up photos clogging up your memory on the iPhone or play music and videos stored on the iConnect Mini back through your iPhone or iPad.
iConnect Mini de PQI USA en Español
Date: Jan 2016
Length: 1:51
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Description: iConnect mini te ofrece respaldar tus archivos de foto y video con tan solo pulsar un boton en tu iPhone, iPad y/o iPod con la conexion lightning. Ademas, el iConnect mini tiene una conexion lightning dual y de USB 3.0 lo que te permite utilizarlo como una libreria portatil de tus archivos almacenando toda una coleccion de musica, peliculas, videos y hasta archivos de datos como PDF’s, los cuales, pueden ser utilizados atraves de cualquier dispositivo Apple con la conexion lightning o desde cualquier computador con conexion USB. iConnect mini es la unidad de memoria flash mas pequeña del mundo para dispositivos portatiles Apple con una capacidad de hasta 128GB de almacenamiento.
iConnect Mini from PQI USA
Date: Jan 2016
Length: 1:41
Location: Alhambra, CA
Description: The iConnect Mini offers 1 touch photo and video back-up for iPhones, iPads, and iPods with a Lightning connection. In addition, the iConnect Mini has a dual Lightning and USB3.0 connection allowing it to work as a portable media library, storing a whole collection of music, movies, videos, and even data files like pdf, that can be played directly through any Apple device with the Lightning connection or any computer with a USB connection. It is the world’s smallest flash drive for Apple mobile devices but boasts a huge storage capacity up to 128GB.
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